Letters to the Editor

State taxes: Nothing but talk about fixing them

Taxation and fees: They’re all about politics, not reality (and far from the truth).

Take, for example, the car tab fees paid by citizens of the three-county regional transit authority (RTA).

There’s been a whole lot of talk from our elected state legislators about how they will override the arrogance of the unelected, highly paid administrators of the RTA.

As we enter into the second year of these inflated car tabs under the Sound Transit 3 plan, it’s all been smoke and mirrors from Olympia while the RTA continues to rake in fees (not approved by Pierce County voters).

Now there is a proposal to use mileage as an accurate means to assess a road use tax, versus taxation on gas. This argument states that newer cars, like hybrids, have reduced government revenue because of less fuel consumed by vehicles; they use an approximation of $250 per car being lost.

How about they just increase the sales tax on those particular high miles-per-gallon vehicles to cover the loss?

It’s all smoke and mirrors, used by politicians to get ever more tax money to spend irresponsibly.