Letters to the Editor

Russia probe: Public rightly distrusts Mueller team

Re: “Mueller avoids pitfalls by giving Trump the silent treatment” (TNT, 12/22).

According to the Associated Press, 40 ex-officials, (conservatives, Republicans and former U.S. Attorneys) composed a letter coming to special prosecutor Robert Muller’s defense.

The letter claims it is critical “in the interest of justice and public trust to ensure that those charged with conducting complex investigations are allowed to do their jobs free from interference or reprisals.”

These individuals appear to be living in a bubble and chose to remain willingly ignorant. According to recent polls, the majority of Americans don’t trust what’s going on in the Trump investigation and don’t believe justice is being served.

This is because Muller staffed his team with individuals who are extremely biased against Trump and because of how those individuals have conducted themselves.