Letters to the Editor

Tacoma: Lonergan served his district honorably

Re: “Lonergan could have been more than a dissenting voice,” (Matt Driscoll column, 12/28).

Joe Lonergan was elected twice to represent his politically and socially diverse district. And yes, like some in politics, medicine, law, education and public safety, he followed a parent into service.

Joe and I were not in 100-percent agreement on all issues, but that’s true with just about every elected official with whom I’ve served.

He didn’t need to shout about transparency because he was always upfront about his views and how he arrived at decisions.

Joe advocated for banning the box and supported efforts such as Project PEACE, Summer Jobs 253, a youth shelter in his district and additional funding for community policing.

His travels to China helped attract private investment to Tacoma. Raising a young family in the South End, he diligently asked questions about the impact of our decisions on everyday people.

More than a dissenting voice, Joe’s was an independent one.

(Strickland is the departing two-term mayor of Tacoma.)