Letters to the Editor

Trump: His defenders overlook treason

Re: “Democrats: Endless attacks on Trump hypocritical,” (TNT letter, 12/19).

Let me add some facts to the letter writer’s attempt to defend the sex abuser and adulterer in the White House.

First, Donald Trump was not elected by a democratic majority of voters, rather by a system designed 200 years ago to give slave-holding states more power. He is not a legitimate president.

Next, the Democrats she names are not president and two are dead. As for a “witch hunt,” I don’t believe any of those named had over a dozen Russian spies, former KGB agents or government officials involved in their election campaign.

Trump’s conduct borders on treason and may be proven as such. It is obvious from the Senate campaign in Alabama that the Republican Party has no problem supporting child molesters for office, but you would think they would stop at treason.