Letters to the Editor

Congress: Take bold stand for the vulnerable

A permanent renewal of the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the passage of a clean Dream Act needs to happen quickly. I ask my representatives — Rep. Denny Heck, Sen. Maria Cantwell and Sen. Patty Murray — to turn down a budget extension or plan without these amendments.

I understand a government shutdown is hard to allow and not politically expedient, but we cannot keep putting politics over people.

I care about those who will be impacted by a shutdown, but their temporary financial discomfort cannot be more important than those facing deportation and death.

I’m glad I have the representatives I do. But this inability to protect even a small sliver of our most vulnerable makes me so very disheartened.

Waiting until 2018 elections will be too late for some. Do not let Dreamers wait one more day. Do not let families reliant on CHIP spend even one more moment in fear.

Do not forget that most people you serve make less than you; their income is less than what you make in a quarter.

Find a way to be bold for all and stop the exploitation of people by their government.