Letters to the Editor

Russia probe: What about Obama war crimes?

Democrats, how is your “Russia probe” going? Discovered any war crimes yet? Did any of those meetings with Russians result in mass famine, epidemic or the fall of governments?

After you finish this multi-million dollar witch-hunt, you might join the United Nations in investigating U.S. war crimes in Yemen, where the Obama administration killed thousands of innocent civilians, bombed weddings and funerals, and used ten times more drone missiles than President George W. Bush.

Obama’s embargo of humanitarian supplies to Yemen exacerbated the world’s largest cholera epidemic and mass starvation. Obama did this in “collusion” with the anti-democratic misogynist regime of Saudi Arabia.

Then you could investigate why Obama and Secretary of State Clinton toppled the government of Libya, Africa’s richest, most stable nation, resulting in civil war, a refugee crisis, terrorist camps, even slave markets.

Some call it “the U.S. Shock Doctrine” -- we want the Third World to remain unstable and dependent on the dollar. Gadhafi planned to launch a new gold-based pan-African currency. So we overthrew him.

Do U.S. media use “the Russia probe” as a diversion from probing Obama-Clinton war crimes? Perhaps they don’t want us to discover that Democrats as well as Republicans practice the Shock Doctrine.