Letters to the Editor

Traffic: Gig Harbor bad and getting worse

There’s a new spectator sport in town: “Gig Harbor Demolition Derby.” The goal isn’t to really hit someone; it’s to break as many road rules as possible in the shortest time.

It’s more exciting than the standard red light running many Gig Harbor drivers are expert at.

The best place to watch the action: the Point Fosdick-Olympic Drive intersection. The extra traffic wrought by the new Olympic Towne Center has generated some creative tactics.

My favorite is the “three-left-turn-lanes” option. It’s fun watching three cars turn left, perfectly abreast, especially when vehicles in the middle lane merge right to get on State Route 16—and suddenly realize they’ve got a wingman!

I’ve seen spectacular defensive driving moves, and heard some extraordinary “expletive deleteds” as a result.

I’m sure we can look forward to more exciting action as more Towne Center businesses open up.