Letters to the Editor

Peninsula bond: Crammed, unsafe schools bad for kids

What is the better way? I see red and white signs advising people to vote no on Peninsula School District’s upcoming bond, with the tagline “There is a Better Way.”

The reality is our schools are overcrowded, have leaking roofs, dying HVAC systems, and classes held in portables that were meant to be temporary.

Many buildings do not meet current safety codes, and cannot be properly secured in a school-shooting situation.

The Supreme Court’s McCleary decision has actually decreased classroom size in the lower grades, creating the need for even more space.

The opposition group cites cost as one of the main reasons for voting against the bond measure. Yes, costs have risen, and if we continue to put off building new schools, and delay maintaining the current ones, the costs will continue to rise.

Our schools are running out of space inside buildings for classrooms, and space on school grounds for portables. This impacts the ability of students to study and learn in a safe environment.

Our children deserve better than this. If we want them to thrive and succeed in life, they need a solid education, and that includes updated buildings to learn in.