Letters to the Editor

Climate change: Intense fires, heat speak volumes

RE: “Heat wave in Portugal breaks records in 8 cities”(TNT, 8/5).

From Greece to the Swedish Arctic, wildfires and record heat are slamming Europe, not to mention the 100-plus fires in our Western states.

Carbon dioxide is a major component of greenhouse gases, which are warming our Spaceship Earth, and are now at the highest level in the last 115 million years.

Globally, burning coal for power and industry contributes 40 percent of the world’s emissions/pollution. Oil and other fossil fuels contribute much of the rest.

To stop the warming of our planet, we must turn more to renewable energy sources. Making carbon relatively more expensive is the solution. Most Americans support this idea.

A Republican group of conservatives, including George Schultz and James Baker, have formed Americans for Carbon Dividends, which would price carbon and return 100 percent of the dividends to American households.

Major corporations such as GM, Pepsico as well as oil firms Exxon, BP and TOTAL are also in favor.

Got grandkids? What kind of a world are we leaving them? Let’s price carbon.