Letters to the Editor

Teacher pay: Resentment won’t achieve anything

Re: “Anger at teacher strikes may reflect jealousy,” (TNT, Matt Driscoll column, 9/6).

Thank you for this excellent column. Ten years ago during the height of the economic crash, teachers felt a strong public resentment as we were not losing our jobs like almost everyone else in the economy.

Teachers don’t get hurt on the front end of recessions, but we have been hurt on the back end of them.

It would have been impossible for me to believe when I started my teaching career that in 30 years time it would be seen as a financially rewarding choice.

The most important point is that teachers haven’t been making money hand over fist; our latest contract was my first real raise in 13 years. Instead, it is a comparative thing as everyone else in the middle class has been losing in the current “winner take all” economy.

So don’t be resentful of your middle class brethren when they get a win. Be angry at the economic philosophy that has 90 percent of the country fighting for the scraps of trickle down.

Matt Condit, Gig Harbor