Letters to the Editor

Trump: Investigation no excuse for inaction

Re: “Trump investigation overkill means less focus on real issues,” (TNT, 8/30).

Bill Clinton’s consensual affair now seems almost innocent and quaint compared to paying hush money to a porn star and a Playboy bunny as well as paying off a trashy tabloid to bury the story.

President Trump’s purpose was keep this information from the voters — a clear violation of finance campaign laws. And anyone can see this crime is only the tip of iceberg with all his private and public business partners pleading guilty or found guilty of felonies or under indictment.

More to the point is this: Trump could do something about real issues like the opioid epidemic but has chosen not to. Believe it or not, we can do two or three things at once. We can do something about climate change, homelessness, drugs and income inequality and still investigate a president to make sure he isn’t a crook.

If Trump would stop with his silly rallies and golfing, maybe he could do some good. I’m not holding my breath.

John R. Whitmore, Gig Harbor