Letters to the Editor

Teacher strike: More purchasing power long overdue

I have been a Tacoma Public Schools teacher for 25 years. This strike is about money, yes, but also respect.

I looked up my income in 1993 money and compared it to 2018 money. My buying power is $200 less today.

When my children were younger, we qualified for housing assistance and reduced lunch.

Teaching is a professional career that I put hundreds of extra unpaid hours into each year, making sure I do the best I can to see that my students are prepared for high school. It is a complex, multifaceted, valuable job.

While this contract adjustment won’t fix everything, it represents the possibility of an actual gain in purchasing power, after years of no gain or outright loss for health care costs. It is well past time for this attempt at a catchup.

I’d like to be working for a district that prioritizes its employees being well compensated and cared for.

Show some respect, please. You really can’t do this without us.

Sarah Conn, Tacoma