Letters to the Editor

Priest scandal: Church must open its books

Pope John XIII called for opening the doors and windows of the Catholic Church. It is time for the Church to open the books on the sexual abuse scandal.

In 2004 Michael McVay, U.S. attorney for the Western District of Washington, recommended the Seattle Archdiocese release the list of abusers. In 2010, Archbishop Sartain created a “confidential consultive body” to advise him on the sexual abuse scandal.

The Archdioce paid out an estimated $74 million to abuse victims. What is paid to the “confidential consultive body,” lawyers, lobbyists, investigators?

As an altar boy and teenage gardener for the rectory, I was astute enough to avoid odd priests and “Latin lessons” at the rectory. However, I was naive about the Seattle Archdiocese’s bureaucracy, which uses man’s law to obstruct justice for abuse victims.

Catholics must no longer be naive. Demand the books be opened. The Catholic sisters taught us to read and think.

Christopher C. Staeheli, Tacoma