Letters to the Editor

Education: More teacher accountability needed

Education should be all about the students. I haven't heard this rhetoric lately, though. Today it's all about salary.

What if a person has not demonstrated they are worth that hire? Do we still pay for the service?

When student enrollment is turned in to the state on Oct. 2, that money is non-refundable. So what have we gotten with the money already spent?

There are many excellent, innovative teachers and administrators in the Tacoma Public Schools system who deserve every last penny and more.

There are just as many disgruntled and ineffective folks holding down teaching positions that are critical to our students' success or failure in life.

Too many students have yet to received the quality service that was promised, and folks are getting fed up.

Here are three questions to the teachers, district and teachers union:

1. How many students were below proficiency in math and English at the end of last year?

2. How many students were on Title 1 at the end of last year?

3. What would happen if just 10 percent of the expected students chose not to register by Oct. 2?

Lawrence F. Norman, Tacoma