Letters to the Editor

Strike: Don’t pass buck to arbitrators

I am a parent of three Tacoma students, and I want this strike to end. Make no mistake, I support our teachers and believe they deserve a fair contract.

Tacoma teachers are our partners in education, dedicating their lives to seeing our children achieve, and our community lifted, through quality education.

Due to innovations and world -class teachers, Tacoma graduation rates have steadily climbed, while teachers' salaries have not.

Shame on district leadership for not having the courage to pay educators what they are worth, and relentlessly advocate for them to receive funding.

While I appreciate that contract negations are difficult, walking away is not acceptable. I do not want agreements about how teachers are paid made by third-party arbitrators. That is not leadership.

We must reverse course quickly and show our teachers that TPS values them.

Rebekah Mingus, Tacoma