Letters to the Editor

Teachers: Awestruck by community support

Sometimes I don’t feel like a true Tacoman, although I have lived here 35 years and worked here as a teacher for 21 years.

I didn’t graduate from a Tacoma school but moved here for your perfect location centered in the midst of the beautiful ocean, Puget Sound and mountains. I was definitely taking advantage of all you had to offer.

I truly have grown to love Tacoma and the community I have developed here, but It wasn’t until today that I realized what that community was capable of.

Our union was on strike and came to agreement with the district on a contract. I am in awe of colleagues who planned and organized the strike, as well as the energy that teachers brought out and let their feelings be known.

But more so, I am so thankful for the fellow unions, the church community, parents, students and businesses who gave their time, energy and food to support our cause.

They embraced us for the work we do in Tacoma. That embrace has made me feel like a true Tacoman.