Letters to the Editor

Kavanaugh: Confirmation is assault on victims

In watching all of the testimony on the Supreme Court nominee, I wondered how anyone could believe the histrionics of Judge Brett Kavanaugh over the credible Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

By now we should understand that sexual assault and rape will not always involve “corroborating” evidence and witnesses. What message was Sen. Susan Collins sending women with that statement?

Aside from the accusations, Kavanaugh clearly flunked his job interview.

Why is it easier for accusers to be believed in Hollywood, but not in Washington D.C.? How will Kavanaugh’s confirmation resonate with voters now that the U.S. Senate again voted to hold political leaders to a different standard in regards to sexual misconduct?

Ford was not playing politics when she told her story. Sexual assault should never be partisan. I had hoped the healing our country so badly needs right now would start with the Senate by finding a more qualified candidate.

I expected a better outcome than the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill testimony, but it was much worse. Kavanaugh’s confirmation is yet another assault on all women who are victims of sexual misconduct and rape.