Letters to the Editor

Columbus Day: It’s special to me; don’t hijack it

“Honoring Indigenous People’s Day - and giving Columbus the boot - is right call for Tacoma,” (Matt Driscoll column, 10/1).

Having my own birthday fall on October 12 (the traditional Columbus Day), I am personally sensitive to the movement in recent years to erase my holiday and repurpose it to celebrate the people who were already in North America when he arrived.

Is it really necessary to besmirch his good name? Is there really no other day on the calendar available to honor the indigenous peoples?

Driscoll’s column simply parrots the revisionist history being passed off these days as correcting the errors of the past. Grouping Columbus with “murderers or rapists” doesn’t solve any problems. It perpetuates them.

Columbus’ achievement of navigating from Europe to the New World was of immeasurable magnitude, and rightly ought to be celebrated.

Columbus Day is a holiday mostly yawned at or quietly acknowledged. Let it stay that way. By all means have Indigenous People’s Day, but please do it on some other day. Don’t hijack mine.