Letters to the Editor

Democrats: TNT endorses modern socialism

Re: TNT endorsement of Kim Schrier over Dino Rossi for 8th Congressional District (9/30).

Is there not a Democrat you don’t like?

Lets look at the country for the eight years under the leadership of Barack Obama. High unemployment, higher taxes, a war on cops, high cost of living, a badly paid and equipped military, and just a general downturn in relations internally and getting walked over by every country in the world.

The Democrats are turning socialist. They love MS-13, want open borders, want to get tough on those who legally own guns but don’t care about those who commit crimes with them.

They think the money I bust my butt for is theirs and not mine (so they can do their social experiments).

That is not democracy. That’s a dictatorship. And you endorse that.