Letters to the Editor

Gun initiative: Big flaws buried in small print

The front of petitions for Initiative 1639 headlined raising age limits and increasing background checks for purchases of semiautomatic assault rifles, which have merit

Intentionally hidden in small print on the back (ignored by signature gatherers) and included in the voters pamphlet are many open-ended requirements (i.e. senseless training and warning requirements, prosecution for unauthorized use and access to your guns, purchase fees for initiative implementation), resulting in the initiative containing multiple subjects, compromising its legality.

The collateral damage most of these requirements will have on law-abiding citizens will be horrendous while having little effect on the behavior of criminals and persons who are already ineligible to possess firearms (i.e. ex-felons illegally possessing firearms after multiple convictions.)

Unincorporated Pierce County residents have sparse police presence and extremely inadequate response times. Their guns tend to be treated like fire extinguishers--- loaded,safely stored and easily accessible for emergent use, but never locked up.

I-1639 will criminalize self-defense for these people.