Letters to the Editor

Violence: Trump needs a 6th-grade lesson

Many years ago a father hit the coach of his son’s hockey team. The coach fell, hit his head and died. I was a school counselor at the time, and used that event in a lesson for sixth graders.

We learned some things about hitting -- first, that it’s illegal to hit another person and that it’s risky. We learned about the consequences this father and both families are living with as a result of the father’s choice.

We learned that because of how most people conduct themselves, the majority of citizens go through life never hitting anyone or being hit.

After a lengthy discussion I reminded the students that, even though this father had been mostly law abiding, he hit the coach because he believed it was OK. He believed he had a right to do it. He didn’t.

Imagine my frustration when I recently heard President Trump glorifying a public figure body slamming a reporter who had annoyed him.

What an outrage to watch our president advocate and celebrate such reprehensible, simple-minded, illegal behavior.