Letters to the Editor

Health care: Demand better customer service

As a former lifeguard and sun worshipper, I like to have an annual pre-cancer mole check. I recently called around to local dermatologists to re-establish care. It went like this:

“Hello, Dr X’s office.”

“Hi, I’d like to schedule a mole check as a new patient.”

“What insurance do you have?”

This happened twice.

I understand that doctors’ offices have to qualify whether prospective patients have the right type of insurance.

But as an on-time bill payer with excellent insurance who’s potentially put my life, dignity and hundreds of dollars into their doctor’s pocket, don’t I deserve better?

It’s not patients’ fault that the state of medical care in America has deteriorated. Yet we suffer for it.

Consumers have power to demand better treatment, and to “vote” with our dollars in support of providers who show compassion and respect.

The next time I call a medical provider, this is what I expect:

“Hello, Dr X’s office.”

“Hi, I’d like to schedule a mole check.”

“Oh, thank you! First I need to ask some qualifying questions. What insurance do you have?”

Adela Christin, Tacoma