Letters to the Editor

D.C. gridlock: Stuck in perpetual grievance story

Little did Dr. Fred Luskin know when he wrote his book “Forgive for Good” (2002) that it would shed light on the intense conflict between President Trump and the Democrat Party.

The main theme of Luskin’s book is that when a person is deeply disappointed over unfulfilled expectations or past abuse, assault or other negative behavior, they often become stuck in a perpetual grievance story.

If they’re unable to let go of their pain, move on with their lives and incorporate this actual or perceived injustice into emotional growth, they find someone or something to blame for their misfortune.

This leads to cruelty and bitterness aimed at the perceived perpetrator of abuse.

Hence, gridlock in Congress.

In this regard, the far left and the intimidated, middle-of-the-road Democrats have similar problems as Trump.

They have rented too much space in their minds to previous perceived life-stopping wounds and grievances, rather than learning how to integrate these painful events into their lives in meaningful ways.

Gene Harvey, Puyallup