Letters to the Editor

State testing: Exit exams are overrated

The high school exit test is doing more harm than good. This test is tied to whether students successfully graduate with a diploma or certificate.

How one test is worth more than four years of classes is beyond me.

The test shows nothing but a snapshot of the student’s grasp of the subject matter. Maybe the student was having a rough week and his or her mind was not on their game.

How about transfer students and how exit tests affect them? As a transfer student myself, it added extra criteria that I needed to do to graduate on time. Transfer students moving into a state still have to take and pass these exams.

I had to take an end-of-course biology exam, two years after I took biology class, because it was a state requirement. Luckily I passed, but I’m sure others were not so fortunate.

Exit exams offer only a small glimpse of the student and should not be tied to graduation.