Letters to the Editor

Gun violence: U.S. more dangerous than Mexico

Re: “Gunman storms club, killing at least 12,” (TNT, 11/9).

Another day, another mass shooting. The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department comments that the slaughter happened in “a very safe neighborhood where shootings are infrequent.”

Unfortunately there are no very safe neighborhoods anymore.

I spend about half the year living in Mexico. Without doubt there is some horrific violence there, but nearly all of it is cartel-on-cartel attacks happening in disputed zones of turf war.

The vast majority of Mexico is quite safe and people walk around 24/7 without much concern. Incidents like the Nov. 8 horror in Thousand Oaks, California are quite unknown.

People frequently ask me why I choose to visit and live in such a dangerous place, only exposing their ignorance of their own society.

Chuck Burton, Steilacoom