Letters to the Editor

Gun control: Tougher penalties for real criminals

Re: Passage of state Initiative 1639.

To those people that voted for I-1639, I have news for you: This measure will not stop crime or violence. All it will do is harass and make criminals out of law-abiding citizens.

It will not even put a dent in crime because the criminal elements in society will not obey it and will continue to ignore it. Have the laws against drunk driving stopped drunk drivers? Nope.

The NRA and other gun- rights groups have always called for tough penalties for those who commit crimes. This state has a governor who will not support the death penalty for even the murder of a prison guard.

He has been lenient on those who commit crimes. And yet he blames the NRA and law-abiding gun owners for crime.

I hope people wake up to reality and demand tough sentences for those who commit crimes. But if you are anything like this vote, I doubt it.