Letters to the Editor

Elections: Washington voters should feel lucky

The controversy over access to voting and issues around vote counting in Florida, Georgia and elsewhere have reinforced my feeling that we are very, very lucky here in Washington state.

Our voter registration system is easily accessible, our vote-by-mail system is amazing and our vote count system is totally transparent.

Julie Anderson, the Pierce County auditor, has arranged for the League of Women Voters to coordinate nonpartisan ballot counting observers.

State law allows the two political parties to observe; in addition, Anderson felt that the 40 percent of Pierce County voters who are nonpartisan should also be represented.

The observers that the League has coordinated must be trained (as must the Republican and Democratic Party observers) and must follow rules assuring they will not interfere with the ballot counting.

We have seen an orderly, well-organized, non-political election process in place in Pierce County. Thanks to Anderson and her staff for making it work so well.

(Stewart is president of League of Women Voters of Tacoma-Pierce County.)