Letters to the Editor

School shootings: Improve kids’ mental health awareness

As a high school student I often fear that a shooting could occur, as the news is filled with violent acts around the United States.

The issue could be solved with stronger mental health awareness.

In school, students are taught the basic mental illnesses: anxiety and depression. However, we are not taught how to get help, coping skills, and how to recognize it in friends.

Mental illnesses in schools are frowned upon, which creates a stigma that those who suffer are broken and that they should hide it.

Many, it not all, school shooting suspects were thought to have some sort of mental illness that a peer knew about.

During the aftermath of these incidents, law enforcement finds many things that are considered red flags, or signs that lead to violence.

Schools can start to change for the future by being more open to talking about mental health, having specific classes around certain types, and being supportive of parents and students.