Letters to the Editor

Rental code: Low-income housing supply will shrink

Re: “City’s renter rights just got stronger,” (TNT editorial, 11/23).

Whenever a government increases costs for landlords, they will respond in kind.

This new rental code requires landlords to give tenants a 60-day notice to evict them. Given that amount of time, what tenant in their right mind will pay any rent once they know they are required to vacate?

After the unit is empty, there is time for cleaning and advertising the unit. Effectively the landlord has lost three months of rent.

This lost revenue is a pain for the larger property management companies. But it is especially hard on smaller landlords, who are the de-facto suppliers of the vast majority of low-income housing in Tacoma.

The larger landlords will compensate for lost revenue by raising rents. The smaller landlords will throw in the towel because of the hassle the new regulations impose for re-renting their units.

This ill conceived code will result in less low-income housing. Is this what the mayor and City Council really want?

On the flip side, increased rents mean nicer properties and increased property values. And of course, more property tax revenue.

Jeff Brain, Bonney Lake