Letters to the Editor

Foster kids: A way to help sooner, not later

Maureen Sorenson


Re: “Foster kids in Washington deserve better,” (TNT, 11/11).

Guest columnist Dee Wilson calls attention to an important issue that affects children in our community every day.

In Pierce County, there are 1,500 children experiencing foster care. As the Pierce County Director of Amara, a foster-care organization that serves kids and families in our community, I heartily agree that much more can be done to ensure our community takes care of our children.

Wilson advocates for critical policy changes. Still, children should not have to wait. It is our responsibility to take bold action to meet their needs now.

Amara has invested in the purchase of a 29-acre property in Pierce County. This land is an opportunity for our community to come together with an array of strong human services partners dedicated to supporting vulnerable children and their families.

In 2019, we will lead a community engagement process to learn more about the needs of children and families in the South Sound region, and gather input to develop a plan for the land.

Pierce County is uniquely situated to address the high number of children entering foster care. We must work together to support them, today and every day.

Maureen Sorenson, Tacoma