Letters to the Editor

Trump: Butt out of business affairs, Mr. President

Since we have all been blessed by the bankruptcy king in the White House, I have watched with increasing horror as our free capitalist economy has been slowly threatened or in some cases dismantled by his ignorance.

President Trump attempted to bully Amazon and subject the Postal Service to scrutiny over a signed and negotiated contract for delivery services. He took Time Warner to court over its merger with CNN and lost.

He bragged about all the jobs he supposedly provided by his influence with Carrier, only to have them moved to Mexico.

Now, he is threatening GM for a business decision partially caused by his own steel tariffs, which are costing American car makers billions of dollars.

Soybean farmers, apple growers, wine makers and seafood processors have all been significantly harmed by his tariffs.

Since when does a U.S. president threaten American business? Does making America great again involve pleasing him or doing business freely with trade partners around the world?

I thought this was the United States, not Russia or China. Since when do business people have to run their decisions by Trump instead of their own experts, financial consultants and stockholders?

Margot LeRoy, Gig Harbor