Letters to the Editor

Environment: Seismic testing threatens sea life

Washington is home to beautiful whales, a thriving crab and geoduck industry, plus shrimp, oysters and the best salmon in the world.

Our state is brimming with these amazing delicacies, and yet they are dying. Our crab are smaller this year than last, and smaller last year than the previous year. Soon they will be inedible.

Our whales are starving and appear confused, showing up in locations they should not be. Today we feed them to supplement their feeding patterns.

Now President Trump has stated that he will allow more seismic testing just off the Atlantic coast by five oil and gas companies. This is not in the best interest of our wildlife, sea life or world health.

I'm deeply scared that if we continue to kill off an already stressed ecosystem, there will be nothing left for our grandchildren.

We are killing this planet and Trump is speeding the process up. I believe he is aware, as are the oil tycoons, that he only has two years to help them do their dirty work before the 2020 election.