Letters to the Editor

Climate change: Bipartisan hope arises in Congress

The News Tribune Editorial Board supported Initiative1631 after an especially dire climate report came out. I was hopeful.

Then I-1631 didn’t pass and more dire reports appeared. My hope for our future almost disappeared.

But an exciting opportunity emerged on Nov. 27. It’s a bigger, better fit than I-1631. It’s federal and bipartisan.

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 7173) reduces emissions and improves health and the economy without growing government.

This bill is effective and practical. It was introduced in the lame-duck session to set the stage for visionary leadership and action next year.

It demonstrates that forward-thinking Republicans and Democrats in Congress expect climate solutions to be a bridge to unite us, not a wedge to divide us.

My hope and drive to act are restored. You can help enact this legislation too. Tell others and demand elected officials work together for us and future generations.