Letters to the Editor

McNeil Island: A place of rich memories, great milk

Re: “Neglected local island finally gets its closeup,” (TNT editorial, 1/11).

I had the opportunity to visit McNeil Island when I played softball with the park district when I was in junior and senior high school in the 1960s. The ride on the small boat over was as beautiful as the island was.

We took a bus ride past the large prison to the farm that the inmates ran. It was a gorgeous ride to the most dazzling, stunning softball field I had ever seen.

But they always cheated. They fed us first. I don’t remember the food, although I ate it all.

I do remember the milk. It was the creamiest coldest milk I have ever had. We all drank too much. We never ever got close to winning. To say they were good would be an understatement.

The sad part was we noticed how young some of the inmates were. Some were not much older than us. Kept us scared straight.

Sure would like some of that milk again.

Chris Nyland, Tacoma