Letters to the Editor

Divided America: Traditional values now scorned

We already have a wall, but it divides Americans rather than defending our border.

Deja vu, it’s1860 all over again, and we know where that led after the flash points of Harpers Ferry and Fort Sumpter.

Anyone who would declare that our nation was built on the foundations of Western European civilization is now considered a racist. That alone confirms there is a deep schism/high wall already established within our nation.

On one side are those who desire to defend the culture, religion and traditions that created the greatest form of self-governance (even with all its flaws) mankind has ever devised.

On the other side are those who fervently dig at its very foundation, guided by their “diverse” cultures (or worse, the failed ideology of Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Che).

One can only ask: When and where will there be a defining flash point?

Certainly the verbiage of many elected Democratic members of Congress loudly proclaim in “political correct” terms that they are pushing for one -- in their active support of illegal aliens flooding across open borders, or in their attacks on the 2nd Amendment.

Robert Humphries, Puyallup