Letters to the Editor

Trump: In his ‘gut’ we cannot trust

President Trump recently, and proudly, revealed that he listens to his “gut” more than to the experts opining around him about matters of national and international concern.

“Gut” is defined by the English Oxford Dictionary as: “Used in reference to a feeling or reaction based upon an instinctive or emotional response rather than considered thought.”

Trump’s gut just doesn’t get the big picture. His gut has zero empathy.

By way of example, his administration announced in January that they had not considered all of those folks working under contract for the federal government in its analysis of the anticipated economic impact of a shutdown. Wow!

The shutdown was much bigger than the impact on 800,000 federal workers. Let’s say the average family of those workers is three (a low estimate); that’s 2.4 million deprived people.

Add the folks working under contract and their families. They couldn’t pay their babysitters, health care providers, grocery stores and gas stations.

Millions were victimized by the stress and struggle to prioritize actual necessities.

All for his Wall.

Glenna L. Malanca, Gig Harbor