Letters to the Editor

Opioids: If only guns were regulated so strictly

Re: “Opioid medicine cuts hurt patients like me,” (TNT guest column, 1/20).

When I read this account from a local woman whose doctor will no longer fill her prescription with an opioid in them, I cried inside for her.

Not long ago my wife was taken to the hospital with a swollen knee; an infection was in her blood and settled in her knee, causing off-the-scale pain.

Because of threats from our federal government, the doctor sent her home with a prescription of extra-strength Tylenol.

Her pharmacist couldn’t believe his eyes and probably pondered, as I did, what a blunder the government has made trying to slow the deaths caused by opiate medicine.

It’s amazing that federal officials seem not to care enough about slowing mass shootings, gun violence and death. Why don’t they threaten gun makers and pass legislation making it harder for irresponsible persons to buy guns, like they are doing with persons who really need appropriate medicine to help manage severe pain?


Gregory Christopher, Tacoma