Letters to the Editor

Peninsula bond: Reject foes’ fanciful plan

Bonds are the most fiscally responsible funding mechanism for school construction. They result in the lowest property tax rate per $1,000 for property owners.

If the Peninsula school bond passes, a $400,000 home would be taxed $320 for the entire year. As home values rise the rate goes down, protecting those on fixed incomes now and into the future.

There is some pushback from the darkest corners of the community using innuendo to criticize the school board, creating the impression of malfeasance and misuse of school funds. When asked for proof they produce none.

They propose an alternative capital levy plan, which results in higher yearly tax bills for property owners, not lower. Levies do not raise enough money to outpace construction inflation. They make school projects more expensive.

Perhaps most importantly, this fanciful plan is being pushed by the same folks who just five months ago ran one of the most negative, misleading and vicious primary campaigns for state House this district has witnessed.

Their antics were rejected then and they should be rejected now.

Don’t fall for claims of a “better away” to fund schools through a levy. The present bond package is the “best way.”

Justin Stiefel, Gig Harbor