Letters to the Editor

TNT mainstay: Kudos for a heartfelt sendoff

Re: “Tacoma loses its editor; Randy McCarthy was unseen force behind our biggest stories,” (TNT, 1/27).

Sean Robinson’s article on the life and death of Randy McCarthy was poignant and heartfelt. He brought the man from behind the reporters’ desks to the front stage.

The quality of writing at the Tacoma News Tribune has nearly always been excellent, yet we readers have no idea what it takes for the clarity of a story to take shape, and come alive.

I grieve for the downsizing of my morning paper. I mourn the loss of excellent journalism. I fear for the rise of corruption in places where reporters are no longer our eyes and ears.

But to also lose the talent and passion from behind the stories is painful.

McCarthy, and others who have left our paper, if not by death or disease then by dearth of budget, will be missed for their guiding hand, watchful eye and commitment to keep the lights on.