Letters to the Editor

Federal workers: No longer a viable calling?

After 35 days of anxiety, I have returned to work, but I will not forget the lessons of the shutdown.

As the head of a low-income household with two disabled members, I’m acutely aware that what I once thought was a stable job is not stable at all. My FICO score took a hit from the loan I signed to weather the storm.

I wanted to buy a house this year: the first in my immediate family to do so. Now, I’m left recovering financially and with no raise. I’d been hoping to start a family. That is also on hold.

Do our U.S. representatives and senators want federal workers who are loyal and do good work? Because that is who I am. But now I’m left wondering: Should I be in federal service at all? How many other good federal workers are wondering the same?

This has a simple solution: legislation. As long as federal workers can be used as political pawns, we will continue to hemorrhage talented individuals.

Will my representatives stand up for us and introduce protections? Or will I be forced to move on because federal service is no longer a viable calling?