Letters to the Editor

Veterans: Privatized VA is a bad idea

Re: “VA seeks to redirect billions of dollars into private care,” (TNT, 1/13).

I am a Vietnam veteran, a Marine. I spent a year there in pretty much daily combat. As a result of my service I have a partial disability.

I get much of my health care from the American Lake VA facility. They give me great care, and they understand veterans. I don’t want the system to be changed as proposed.

Best I can see it, the plan is to turn health care for our vets from a public service to a profit center to large corporations. The Koch Brothers’ support of the change is the clincher for me that the beneficiaries will be corporations, not vets.

Instead of attacking the VA hospital system in this way, Congress should be ensuring that the existing system is adequately funded and structured to provide appropriate care to those who have served.