Letters to the Editor

Shutdown: Anti-Trump politics in high gear

During the midterm election, Democrats downplayed impeachment and said they were going to reach across the aisle. It was total nonsense.

They immediately filed articles of impeachment with no credible evidence, and they didn’t budge on border wall funding even though they provided billions for fencing/wall/barrier in the past. Hypocrites.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated a border wall is ineffective and immoral while the Border Patrol said it’s effective and necessary. Who should we believe? Pelosi? It’s laughable.

Recently, there’s been a surge of children at the border exceeding the 2014 surge President Obama called a humanitarian crisis. The Democrats called this new larger surge a “manufactured” crisis and most liberal media outlets followed. Typical liberal bias.

And where’s the coverage of “Angel” families whose loved ones have been murdered by illegal immigrants? Has Pelosi or Senator Chuck Schumer shown concern for them? I haven’t seen it.

Every day American citizens are being harmed by people that should not be in this country, and $5.7 billion for a wall/fence/barrier is budget dust.

The shutdown was about national security and the safety of American citizens. For Democrats, it was just more anti-Trump politics.