Letters to the Editor

Bicyclists: Sidewalk ban would be mistake

Re: “Puyallup mulls limits on downtown biking,” (Puyallup Herald, 2/6).

As a lifelong Puyallup resident and bike rider, I take offense with this proposed ordinance. Common sense should prevail here.

Obviously not 100 percent of people always comply, but I’ve not seen evidence of bike riders being disrespectful or negligent.

I have ridden my bike to the Puyallup Fair, Meeker Days and farmers market (so do a lot of other people) and have never seen a serious accident or even a confrontation between a pedestrian and bike rider.

What is being proposed, though, will most certainly have potential for serious accidents if bike riders are forced to share the road with vehicles.

Any time of the day as I am driving on Meridian, I see many drivers with their phones in their faces.

As a senior citizen now, I request the City Council carefully examine this proposal and the implications it could have on bike riders who enjoy our city, parks and community.