Letters to the Editor

Libraries: Anti-porn legislation not needed

Re: “Library porn shouldn’t be welcome here,” (TNT editorial, 2/14).

26th District Rep. Michelle Caldier crafted House Bill 1635, requiring all libraries block access to “pornography” because of one constituent’s experience in a Pierce County library.

The TNT supported her bill in a staff editorial.

But a visit to the Gig Harbor library shows that it would take quite a nosy child to view what an adult patron was viewing.

The library provides space for children to use the internet far removed from adults, and child access to websites is filtered by Pierce County Library System.

If Caldier had interviewed library staff, she would have learned why filtering for porn is problematic. Software programs are not failsafe, nor do they allow for an adult’s legitimate research.

Moreover, requiring libraries to filter requires a legal definition for pornography that does not exist, and no regulation can take the place of alert parent supervision.

(Wingard is a former Pierce County Library System employee.)