Letters to the Editor

Comic strip: TNT overreacts by canceling

The News Tribune’s decision to discontinue the comic strip “Non Sequitur” because of the creator’s covert profanity is twofold regrettable.

By replacing it with Nancy, it has avoided controversy with a cartoon as humorous as a blank page.

Usually a comic strip is dropped for lack of humor, reader interest or an unpopular political stance. Wiley’s profanity, however, given the last election, seems in line with the opinion of many Tribune subscribers.

Wiley apologized and promised to not repeat the offense. The TNT states the loss of trust is too great for a second chance.

Its fear of controversy brings into question whether the public should trust it will investigate controversial issues that might anger local politicians or advertisers.

The jettison of “Non Sequitur” was an over-reaction. Wiley’s inattention to detail was wrong; so too is the TNT’s response. “Non Sequitur” should be reinstated.