Letters to the Editor

Climate: State needs clean-energy standard

I love the clear, cold blue sky days of winter, but not six months ago we were stifled with smoke.

I am one of those sensitive people who had to close myself in my office for days with my homemade air filter in order to breath without distress.

One thing is clear: Our legislators need to act on climate and do it in a way that helps all Washingtonians. The foundation to building a clean-energy economy is a grid powered by clean and efficient energy.

That’s why I want the Legislature, including Tacoma Sen. Jeannie Darneille, to support a strong 100-percent clean-energy standard with House Bill 1211 and Senate Bill 5116.

We have the opportunity to help citizens of our state by reducing the negative effects of climate change, improving the quality of our air and health, while increasing opportunities for new green jobs and businesses.

A strong 100-percent clean-energy standard is in all our best interests!