Letters to the Editor

Comic strip: Charlie Brown would say ‘good grief’

Re: “TNT overreacts by canceling comic strip,” (TNT letter, 3/1).

This letter writer called the TNT reaction to pulling the “Non Sequitur” comic strip “regrettable.” I call it pathetic.

One sharp-eyed person was able to decipher daVinci’s convoluted scribble and millions of amused readers have to suffer.

It reminds me of the little girl who was allergic to peanuts, had a bad time on a plane ride, and the airlines stopped serving them to the chagrin of millions of travelers.

In my opinion it was the responsibilty of the parents to see to it their daughter did not eat disagreeable or even dangerous foods.

Foul language ? I have heard it once or twice emanating from the White House.

Much is said and written about the dumbing down of our society. Sadly, the TNT has joined the ranks.

Dieter Mielimonka, Steilacoom