Letters to the Editor

Sex abuse: Catholic church isn’t alone

Re: “Pope dismisses first cardinal for sexual abuse,” (TNT, 2/17).

The Texas Southern Baptist sex abuse scandal, in which the Houston Chronicle reported that hundreds of people had been molested by pastors, church workers and volunteers over two decades, is a significant news story.

It appears to be an ongoing issue, at least in Houston. But the news is strangely silent about this.

And yet one of the first things I see on today’s front page is yet another article about the Catholic church and the defrocking of a Washington, D.C. cardinal.

While I don’t rejoice in hearing about abuse of any type, I wonder why the Catholic church seems to be held to a different reporting standard than other denominations or other groups of people who work with minors, the possible exception being the Boy Scouts.

Teri Wiseman-Kuhlman, Tacoma