Letters to the Editor

Fossil fuels: Governor shouldn’t condone LNG

Climate activists gathered on Feb. 21 to call on Gov. Jay Inslee to stop fracked gas. As communities push for a transition to clean, renewable energy, the fossil fuel industry loves to claim that gas has a place in that clean energy future.

But most “natural” gas comes from fracking, a dirty and dangerous process that pollutes drinking water and increases the risk of earthquakes.

The true climate impacts of fracked gas are becoming clearer as we learn more about the methane that leaks during the process and pipeline transport of gas.

Methane is a greenhouse gas 87 times more potent than carbon dioxide while it remains in the atmosphere. When we take that pollution into account, we see that gas is just as bad for the climate, if not worse, than other fossil fuels like oil or coal.

Inslee has made Washington a leader in the transition to clean energy. But we can’t build a clean energy economy while relying on fossil fuels, and real climate leadership means stopping the expansion of these dirty fuels, including fracked gas.

I urge him to take a stand against proposed fracked gas projects in Tacoma and Kalama.

Brianna Fenske, Puyallup