Letters to the Editor

Gun laws: Sheriffs know more than state AG

Re: “Official tells sheriffs to enforce gun law or face liability,” (TNT, 2/14).

When Initiative 1639 passed in November, State Attorney General Bob Ferguson gloated on TV that this was a victory over the NRA.

He is too modest. It was also a victory over the Washington State Sheriffs Association, the Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs, the Washington State Patrol Troopers Association and other law enforcement agencies, all of whom said it was bad law and virtually unenforceable.

It was not designed to reduce crime or gun violence, but rather to make gun ownership for the law-abiding ever more expensive and burdensome.

And as far as keeping semi-automatic long guns out of the hands of those 18 to 20, here’s some useful information: There are more people killed in this country with hammers than with all kinds of long guns combined.

If Ferguson really wants to stop crime, perhaps he should push the Legislature to institute the nation’s first background checks at Home Depot.

This may sound radical, but I suspect these sheriffs know more about crime and safety than the hapless attorney general. Let them do their job the way they know how.

Timothy F. Oberst, Wauna